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This month, we ‘Explore Nature’ in partnership with the Wellness for Children Initiative and the Children’s Moonshot Calendar. The beauty of the great outdoors offers an abundance of opportunities for children to play, create and explore nature leading to improved wellbeing.

Children are often intrigued by nature and the creative possibilities that emerge. Junior Genius Global encourages all families to engage with nature as often as possible and understand the many benefits nature can bring -

Explore Nature
Explore Nature

From recognizing geometric patterns, to engaging in the senses of sight, sound and smell, nature offers us a place to learn, to relax, to explore and to breathe. Our children are still finding their way post pandemic, from eating, to sleeping to being social.

Studies have shown that being in nature helps to reduce cortisol levels - hormones responsible for stress. We know that spending 120 mins a week in nature has a positive effect both physically and mentally. Walking in the park, going for a swim, taking a bike ride or going outside for a picnic are some examples of spending time in nature, just a few minutes a day can make a difference to your mental health and that of your child.

We understand that striking a balance between being active, being outside, doing homework or engaging in technology, we have a huge opportunity to support the mental health of our children in addition to our own.

Reducing screen time and engaging children in nature is an opportunity not to be missed. We see an improvement in appetite, sleep, vitamin D production and general well being. Wellness for children recommends spending as much time in nature as possible. If being outside is challenging because of the heat and sun exposure may we suggest the wellness at home collection which offers a variety of wellness activities to support your child's well being and that of their siblings as they enjoy physical activities, breathwork, dino yoga, healthy cooking and animal affirmations.

So let's enjoy nature and the many benefits associated with outside time!

Explore nature

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