Junior Genius Global is bringing Early Wellness Education to the families in the UAE.

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Make the investment in your child’s wellness and provide them with daily, fun, interactive wellness activities and interactions, a wellness routine, a healthy happy home, nutrition and exercise and much more..

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Home Wellness Collection

The Home Wellness Collection will provide Caregivers and Nannies with comprehensive training and all the necessary materials to invite wellness routines and Early Education to homes with young children starting from birth to 5 years of age.

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Give your nanny practical training in Early Education and Child Wellbeing:

  • Creating a wellness environment
  • Physical Wellness - nutrition and exercise
  • Routine and Schedule
  • Touch Therapy
  • Music and Meditation
  • Health and Safety

We encourage all adults in the home to participate in the easy to follow videos.

Who is it for?

  • Families in the UAE
  • Nannies and Caregivers
  • Children from birth to 5 years of age.
  • Families with multiple children
  • Families who want to provide wellness education at home.

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What’s included:

  • Captain Cutie Pie Book Series
  • Recipe Cards
  • Ground Wellbeing Products
  • Touch Therapy Instruction Cards
  • Neuro-Nurturing Interactive set
  • Animal Affirmation Cards
  • Dino Yoga
  • Mindful Breathwork
  • Gratitude Rock
  • Routine and Goal Setting Planners
  • Learning Journal
  • Our Support


Junior Genius Global Give Back

For every 10 Home Wellness Collections purchased, with the support of our partners, Junior Genius Global will donate a collection to a community in need.

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Frequently asked questions

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  • We have partnered with leading education & wellness brands to support your family’s health & wellbeing.
    We have easy to use coaching cards to help you understand your child’s brain development through the formative years. With daily activities designed to reach each child's developmental goals, we offer age appropriate and culturally sensitive materials to support parents.
    We have a range of children’s books to introduce your child to wellness activities such as yoga, mindfulness, gratitude, and positivity. We have included recipes for nutritious meals and to support healthy eating for all the family.
  • Our comprehensive workshops will be delivered online so you or your nanny can access them within your own time. Once you purchase the collection you will receive an email with all the steps required to access the training.
  • Join the Junior Genius Global community by signing up for a monthly subscription for 50AED per month. Join our community and you will have access to our private Facebook group to meet like-minded families and nannies and gain support as you go on your wellness journey.
    You will also receive 2 new online resources each month such as a new recipe or Guided Meditation to grow your collection as well as monthly wellness tips.