Education from the Heart

Wellness Program

Junior Genius Global’s Early Years Wellness Program launched September 2023

Junior Genius Global and Alimtehaan Partnership

Modern Approach to education

Ed-Tech Program

Delivered online using an online learning dashboard

Early Years Wellness Program

For children aged 3-4 and 4-5 years supporting mental wellbeing

Year Long

An 8 week program for each school term

Lesson plans

For each wellness session, supporting busy teachers

Online Resources

All materials and resources needed accessible online


Parent portal to support triangle of learning

Early years educational programs

Eight shirts arranged on table in black, olive, grey, blue, white, red, mustard, and green.

Happy Heart

Children will learn how to regulate their emotions and develop their sense of self, identify and belonging. They will begin to develop an understanding of their bodies to build the foundations for body confidence in young children.

Front of plain black t-shirt.

Mindful Heart

Children will learn how to develop a positive belief system by developing their understanding of what it truly means to be thankful, grateful and empathetic and how a positive mindset can nurture a fulfilled, happy life. Children will express themselves through yoga meditation, music and breathwork techniques.

Healthy Heart program logo

Healthy Heart

Children will learn how to nurture their body through a healthy lifestyle by caring for their bodies using five healthy steps – hydration, nutrition, movement, connection, and rest. Children will be introduced to sustainability and connecting with nature.

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