Home Wellness Collection without Training

Product information

1,450.00 AED


Make the investment in your child’s wellness with activities to support their physical and mental wellbeing rooted in the 6 Pillars of Wellness. Focus on routine, sleep, nutrition, exercise child development and much more with this collection. 

What’s Included

  • Routine and Schedule Planners 
  • Captain Cutie Pie Book Series 
  • Dino Yoga – 10 dinosaur yoga poses with instructions.
  • Mindful Breathwork – 12 child friendly breathwork techniques
  • Animal Affirmations – 12 Positive Affirmation Cards
  • *each set includes colouring cards.*
  • Gratitude Rock
  • Magnetic Men
  • Ground Wellbeing Comfort Balm, Calm Balm and Sleep Pillow Spray 
  • and Massage Instructions 
  • 3 sets of nutritious recipes with hidden fruits and veggies
  • Neuro-Nurturing Interactive Set from birth to 5 years 
  • Journal
  • Pencils